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Picture from The Portland Review

List of literary publications run out of Cascadia.  Many are simply based in Cascadia; others cater to Cascadia and are marked with an asterisk (*.)

Alaska Cascadia[]

British Columbia Cascadia[]

California Cascadia []

  • Toyon (Humboldt State University)
  • Volt (Sonoma State University)

Idaho Cascadia[]

Montana Cascadia[]

  • .

Nevada Cascadia[]

  • .

Oregon Cascadia[]

  • Oregon Literary Review (defunct)
  • Burnside Review (Portland)
  • The Portland Review 

Washington Cascadia[]

  • Cascadia Review* (strict guidelines found on website; omits "Sonoma County" and possibly additional regions traditionally considered part of Cascadia.)
  • Los Angeles Review (actually based out of Redmond, WA)
  • Bellingham Review (Western Washington University)
  • Smokelong

Specifically for Seattle Literary Magazines:

Yukon Cascadia[]