Some proposals for Cascadian government advocate a federal republic, much like the United States. In a Cascadian republic, the British Columbia government would need to (re)constitute in order to function without a monarch. Representation in the federal legislative would be strictly proportional in the lower house, with a weaker upper house (senate) being elected or appointed and apportioned on a basis to maintain a balance of power throughout the country.

US style[]

A US style federal republic would have a strong executive, in the form of a unitary President, elected by the population at large. The lower house of the legislature would likewise be by popular election, members representing discrete sub-state geographic areas, either through proportional or plurality election. Senators would be appointed or elected to represent entire states in the upper house. The Judiciary would be appointed by the executive and legislative, with lengthy or life-long terms of office.

Federal council proposals[]

A federal council republic would function like a hybrid of a federal republic and parliamentary system, where the cabinet is formed of elected individuals, who would elect a head of state from amongst themselves, and administer executive departments collectively. As in a federal republic, members of the lower house of the legislature would be elected in districts/ridings either by proportional or plurality election. Either the executive council, or a separately appointed or elected Senate would function as the upper house of the legislative; in the case of the executive council, it would have extremely limited power to propose legislation.