The Cascadian Independence Project is an organization dedicated to promoting Cascadian regional identity and eventual Cascadian independence.

From the group's website Cascadia Now!:

The Cascadian Independence Project is a grass-roots movement dedicated to raising awareness of Cascadia, to highlight our growing regional identity, and to celebrate the distinct social, geographic and cultural aspects that make the Pacific Northwest unique.

The CIP is dedicated to placing the idea of Cascadia into mainstream political thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems.

The goal of the Cascadian Independence Project is to raise awareness of Cascadia and to:

  • highlight the distinct social and cultural factors that make the Pacific Northwest unique,
  • to increase bioregional independence within our communities socially, politically, economically and environmentally,
  • and to further democratic governing principles, civil liberties, digital privacy, human rights and regional sustainability in a respectful and peaceful manner.

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